Week 1 – A Meaningful Minute

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We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  How are you spending your time?  Do you spend time worrying over things you have no control over, or remain angry at someone because they won’t do what you expect them to do?  Do you waste your time in a self-induced stupor with mind-numbing activities such as video games, television re-runs, drinking, eating too much, gossiping, or dabbling with mind-altering drugs?

We all get the same 60 seconds, the same 60 minutes, the same 24 hours, the same 7 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months.  But are you making your time Meaningful?  What does that even mean?  Do you believe you came into this world to go to school, work for 40 years and then retire before you die?

When you Live your Life on Purpose, when you have Purpose in your Life, you have within YOU, the power to create unlimited happiness, wealth and abundance.  It is YOUR choice.  It always has been, and always will be.  Make your minutes on this earth meaningful.  Find your passion, your reason for living, your Dharma!  Make it a Meaningful Minute! Go for the Sunshine!

Fork in the Road

Week 21 – I Live This Day As If It Is My Last

Grateful and pulse

The scroll we’re reading for this month in our MasterKey Alliance Class hit home for me last night.  I was on my way home from a 2 day, 400 mile business trip when I escaped sure death by sheer seconds.

With only 20 miles and 20 minutes to go, I was sitting at a traffic light at a busy intersection when I heard tires screeching.  I scanned my environment, and when I looked in my rear view mirror, was horrified at the sight I saw coming towards me.   A cement and gravel truck, one of those HUGE ones was barreling down upon me.  The smell from the smoke from his tires engulfed me with terror.  Had I not been frozen in horror, I might have been able to rationalize that I needed to MOVE OUT OF HIS WAY!  But I didn’t have time to think.  He suddenly jerked his truck into the lane to our left, clipped another car that was coming to a stop, and jack knifed his cab.  When he finally came to a stop, he was clearly two feet forward, which means he would’ve forced me into the intersection where I would’ve probably been hit on both sides from traffic moving perpendicular, if my car or I even survived a direct hit.

Cement and gravel truck traveling at 40 mph versus a Toyota Corolla sitting still.  My back end would’ve been forced into my front seat, and if I had lived through that impact, I would’ve been maimed for life, I’m sure of it.  I can’t shake the sight of that pending destruction, and keep reliving the horror in my mind over and over.

Rear ended

What could I have done to prevent that?  Nothing.  I was not in control of that driver.  What could I have done to prevent him from clipping the other car?  Nothing.  I did visit that other driver to make sure he was OK, and yes, he was fine.  Shook up, but he was merely clipped.  I did not visit the truck driver who almost ended my life.  He looked to be like a mad man when he jumped out of his truck, and the look on his face was indescribable.  What was he doing moments before he realized he was about to annihilate me?  I didn’t want to find out.

What will I do now?  Thank God every day for the fact that that truck driver literally saved my life by not plowing into me.  I live this day as if it were my last.  How much those words resonate with me now.  I am still in some shock, and I know I have to shake this feeling off, whatever this feeling is.  All I feel like doing is sleep and wake up later, feeling better.  I don’t know how long that will take, but I plan to work in my yard today, ground myself, and meditate and pray on the incident.  And be more mindful of not only what is in front me, but what is behind me and to the sides of me as well.  As my father told me when I learned to drive 44 years ago, “It isn’t you I worry about, it’s everyone else.”

I live this day as if it were my last.  And since yesterday was NOT my last day, I fall to my knees and give thanks.  And since the root of joy is gratefulness, I promise that I will always be joyful.

Weeks 17 – 21 Concentration and Tranquility — What’s LIFE Got To Do With It?

The first time I experienced anxiety, I wasn’t sure what it was. All I know is I awoke after a dream, or actually a nightmare, and intuitively knew that my husband had strayed. I lied in bed for a while and went to get my Bible. I just let the pages open where they […]

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Weeks 17 – 20 Concentration and Tranquility




The first time I experienced anxiety, I wasn’t sure what it was.   All I know is I awoke after a dream, or actually a nightmare, and intuitively knew that my husband had strayed.  I lied in bed for a while and went to get my Bible.  I just let the pages open where they may, and the Scripture that caught my eye regarded how a husband and wife, when they separate, should pray about all things so that when they come back together, they would be able to sort their indifferences out, through prayerful solitude.

We had been married for 13 years and it hadn’t been easy, but it was not a bad marriage.  We had two beautiful children, and we had a brand new home.  Finances weren’t great, but we were better off than most couples our age – we both had really good jobs.  The hardships we’d been through held us closer together as we overcame our obstacles.  I truly believed, with my whole heart, that we were together forever.

It wasn’t my physical senses that came through in my dream that night.  I didn’t touch or taste anything, or see or hear anything that caused me to have that dream.  It had to have been my intuition, my third eye for spiritual wisdom that gave me the insight to the trouble that was brewing, and had been brewing for some time.  My husband wasn’t happy.  And apparently, neither was I.

desire of the heart

We did eventually divorce, and it was during our separation and divorce, and then after the divorce that I began learning about my spirituality.  I spent a great deal of time going within, to try to understand my feelings and emotions, and to try to understand his.  Well, I never did figure him out, and come to find out, that wasn’t my job anyway, just my own emotions – that’s all I’m required to do.

There was never any effort or activity associated with my ability to go within – at that time I used a crutch called pot to help me get there.  It raised my vibration and helped me go beyond the obvious world I lived in and helped me concentrate and find tranquility.

In time, I was able to stop the use of the pot because I had learned to find that place that only meditation can help with.  I began to understand what my true desires were, and I learned that I had not been true to myself in my marriage because of complacency.  I settled for what we had obtained, even though it was truly not what I was born to be or do, or have.

But this ease and perfection of peace of mind and happiness did not happen overnight.  It took years of trying, or repetition, of leaving my happy place and going back out in the world to earn a living and deal with this world, only to have that keen desire to retreat again and continue to search my soul for answers to every day questions and my purpose in life.

I began reading about life after death, and began to understand that we are all pure spiritual beings before we were ever born.  That a large part of us remain spiritual even while we are physically here in this world, and that when we pass away, we still remain that pure positive spiritual being that is our Life Force.

It is said that all mental discovery and attainment are the result of desire plus concentration.  The peace that brings to me is absolute tranquility.  And with that tranquility brings courage, which begets confidence, which begets true happiness.


Maybe I make it sound easy, to meditate and just “allow.”  But it takes a lot of work to be able to let go, take the hands off the steering wheel, have faith that all is working out, and believe.  But, now that I have experienced this kind of knowing, I could never go back.  So no matter how long it takes me to quiet my mind and allow myself to just “be,” to listen to my inner guidance, to embody the strength of the Universe around me, and to emanate the Love in my heart, it will just have to take as long as necessary.  I concentrate on my Tranquility, and everything else just falls into place.

Week 16 – Kindness All Around Me

My assignment this week was Kindness. To look for random acts of kindness and to perform the same.  This was a very easy assignment, as Kindness is all around me.

I have several groups that I contribute to that are along the lines of a Mastermind group.  One is a book club, and right now, we’re studying “Think and Grow Rich,” and all the wonderful philosophy and practical techniques for achieving financial goals and reaching our highest potential.  Another group is a training group and we train on specifics of the network marketing company we are all involved in, such as how to overcome objections, and how to develop a relationship with a Cold Market by turning them into a warm market, etc.  And the third group is a Mastermind group where we support each other regardless of our perceived limitations.  We are honest with one another, and when one of us falls down, someone in the group will come along and scoop up the pieces.

This morning, I was blown away by the kindness two in our Mastermind group gave to a third person who was expressing her perceived limitations and lack of time.  Never a harsh or judgmental word, but support and reinforcement, with love.  It is my hope that this Mastermind group we have going on will continue marching forward until we reach Calvary!

We SHALL reach the STARS, and beyond!  I ALWAYS keep my promises!

Week 15 – The Value of Insight – The Gold to All Riches

Week 15 – The Value of Insight – The Gold to All Riches

InsightWhy is it when we read a book, and then read it again, we pick up little bits and pieces that we hadn’t before?  Or watching a movie the second time, one sees it in a totally different way?

Our consciousness is always evolving, always growing, and always changing.

Master Key Experience: 15-4 Growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better……………..

So what happens when bad things continue to happen to us, or undesirable results of our actions continue to appear and re-appear?  Those difficulties are here for a specific reason, they are required for our growth and we gain permanent strength exactly to the extent of the effort required to overcome difficulties.

And so without difficulties, we would not grow but become stagnant.  Without difficulties, we would not be able to appreciate the good things that happen in our lives.  Without difficulties, we would not learn to be humble and grateful, or learn to forgive.

Love, what an all-encompassing and powerful emotion!  Love is inherent in us as Spirits; Love is Omnipotent and Omnipresent.  We are able to forgive because we first experience Love.

Master Key Experience: 15-10 In order to possess vitality thought must be impregnated with Love.  Love is a product of the emotions.  It is therefore essential that the emotions be controlled and guided by the intellect and reason.  15-11 It is Love which imparts vitality to thought and thus enables it to germinate.  The Law of Attraction, or the Law of Love, for they are one in the same, will bring to it the necessary material for its growth and maturity.

Love is All Powerful; Love is Omnipresent. When we manifest, or attract things or situations or people in our lives, and we do so with love, we manifest all that is good.  All that is Perfect, All that Is.  And with this love, the beauty of your words come from your thoughts so the power of thought consists in vital Principles of the Universe.  The Power of thought, when exercised in Love is Omnipotent.

Road to Success

By a conscious realization of the fact that Truth always wins because of the Laws of the Universe, that Principles are Truth, and that Truth destroys error; there is a principle of truth, but not of dishonesty; that there is a principle of Health, but none of disease; there is principle of light, but none of darkness; and there is a principle of abundance, but none of poverty, truth always wins. And so it is All Important that must be exercised so that the thought which we entertain contains no mental, moral, or physical germ or disease which we do not wish to manifest in our lives.  It is All Important that our thoughts are filled with Love.

This Insight helps us to understand that our thoughts will attract what manifests in our lives.  That our thoughts should be filled with Love, Happiness, Peace, Health, and Light.  This Insight enables us to be prepared for any obstacle we meet so we can overcome them with little to no difficulty.  This Insight helps us plan a good life and turn our attention in the right direction so that we may have any great achievement.  This Insight is a product of our world within.  Our minds.  Our beautiful, healthy, bright, happy, grateful mind.  Insight is the Gold to All Riches.

Week 14- Finish the Race

Cool runnings

Life can be akin to running an Olympic race.  The odds are stacked against you and the dream is far from your reach.  There will be obstacles that get in the way, little defeats all along the way, but like an Olympian athlete, those obstacles are nothing but bumps in the road.

An Olympian athlete works around their obstacles.  With persistence, humility, pride, power and courage, they will rise above it all.  They will follow their dreams and rise above the obstacles.

When we live our life like an Olympian athlete, we learn that being true to ourselves is enough.  Because we know that if we’re not enough without a win, we won’t be enough with the win.

Applying these facts in our everyday life, in our relationships, our jobs and careers, and in our families will make it enough.  We won’t be perfect, but we will never stop trying.  And if we fall short of the finish line, we will pick ourselves up and try it again, and again, and again, until we know we are enough.  Until we Finish the Race.

Peace Be The Journey

Week 13 – What I Bring Forth Inside Me Is That Which Will Save Me – Law of Attraction


In the presence of my Spirit, I am strong and aware.  Thought is a spiritual activity.  Therefore, when my thought is carefully selected to remain positive, imaginative and creative, it will manifest the dream and the object pictured in my mind.  Likewise, if thought is not positive, imaginative or creative, the object of my attention becomes my own.

If a man thinks he can, he is right.  If a man thinks he can’t, he is right.

This is why it is so important to understand the Law of Attraction and to be mindful of that which we think about.  Since I am strong and aware, and my intuition and emotions tell me if I am thinking positive thoughts or if my thoughts are not in alignment with my spiritual energy, my contentment with life depends on me.  Totally on me, and nothing or no one else.  Happy thoughts cannot exist in an unhappy consciousness and that is why the consciousness must change.  When the mind thinks correctly, sensations and emotions are pleasant and harmonious.

All things are created in the Universe and in creating a mental image, we project a thought into the Universal Substance from which all things are created.  It is wise to recognize this Universal Substance is always present – Omnipresent, always powerful – Omnipotent, and Infinitely Wise – Omniscient.   This Universal Substance is already within us, we already have it, and the more we understand it, practice it and believe it, the deeper the confidence, power and inner strength becomes.   The more harmonious within we become, the more joy, love, strength, vitality and constructive force we possess.

Recognizing that a knowledge of creative and positive nature of thought puts us in touch with Infinite Power, and this Infinite Power is directly tied to Infinite Wisdom, we become aware that we are a channel to our own desires.  What I bring forth inside me is that which will save me.

There is only one consciousness in the universe.  This consciousness is Omnipresent, and therefore is present within every individual.  The majority of mankind does not live in the world within.  Few have found the world within and therefore do not realize that the Universal Mind is the life principle of every atom in existence and every atom is continually striving to manifest more life and that all are intelligent and are seeking to carry out the purpose for which they were created.  Those who do not live in the world within but live in the world outside of their mind, the world without are always looking to outside sources for their happiness.  The new level, the job promotion, the new house, the new shoes, the new car, the shopping spree, the drug that changes brain chemistry, the medication for depression…….these are all examples of finding happiness and contentment from the world outside, the world without.

I am part of the greater whole.  I am One with the Father – the Source. I am Source, and I am beautiful and grand and the opportunities available to me are transcendental.  I know that my happiness and contentment all come from the world within.

Increase in me that Wisdom which discovers my truest interest.  Strengthen my resolution to perform that which Wisdom dictates.