Week 2 – Subby, You Are OVERRULLED!

I am blessed with this 6 month scholarship

Make a change

I believe, is going to “change my world!”

We are told to take the exercises in this class seriously because the effect it will have on us is compounding and accumulative.  I do believe that!  We are told that Enthusiasm is a Requirement, and I believe that too!

We are also told that we may feel overwhelmed at all of the work because we have to clear room on our already overflowing plate to make room for the exercises, readings, and other homework.  Our lessons tell us that is our Sub-conscious mind tell us (because of old patterns of thought) that we are overwhelmed, and this is hard work.

We have to write what is on our hearts and send it to a perfect stranger who critiques us and tells us to give more, but keep the words at 400 or less.  A perfect stranger who tells us to be more colorful, use more emotion, make it only about ourselves, and otherwise, weave a perfect piece of Dharma that is quite actually, our Life’s Purpose.

And yes, I appreciate the scholarship and constructive advice, so I have a difficult time overrulling my subby telling me, “you got this Paula.  You’ve been writing your story for 50+ years.  Who does that mentor think she is?”

What?  What did someone say back in week 1 about being teachable and coachable?  Pfft!  My subby is reminding me that I have been teaching this (or trying to) for many years and thought I was pretty good at it.  There’s no one better than me!  What?  Humility?

Subby, you need to knock a few blocks off your hard working and ever so strong shoulders, and realize that there’s always room for improvement.  Always room to grow.  Always room to stretch and become a better YOU.  All you have to do is allow it.

Anyone can do this….anyone can quit…………………………………………….. I’m not a quitter.

I can do this! I’m going to finish strong!  And I ALWAYS keep my word!  Subby, take a back seat, because you have just BEEN OVERRULED! 

You will soon learn that you are a subby that is calm, that always gets it right, that runs at full speed on Enthusiasm and hopeful anticipation, that believes in the best of yourself and is truly excited about making a difference in this world AND making millions of dollars within the next 2-3 years.Financial independence with heart




5 thoughts on “Week 2 – Subby, You Are OVERRULLED!”

  1. You just gave me goosebumps all over again…. I simply love you and your magnificent spirit, you wonderful lady. Keep believing, persisting and enJoy every step of the way, celebrate every chip that come off!
    You SO got this!

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  2. This is Deb…I’ll be your blog rover for the next few weeks…

    I love your title! It is such Truth! “Subby, take a back seat, because you have just BEEN OVERRULED! ”

    You’re on the right path…Way to go!

    Welcome to the MKE being born anew vineyard!


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