Week Four – A Celebration of Colors and Shapes

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I was sleepy driving home from a business trip today and had to stop for a little nap before I could go any further.  I knew 30 minutes would re-charge me enough to make it home, and so I found a quiet and safe place under a shady tree at a library and put the seat back.  All consciousness left me and I fell into a deep slumber.  Suddenly, a “tap-tap” noise on my windshield startled me out of my snappy (short nap).  When I opened my eyes and focused at the cause of the racket, I could not believe my eyes!  Two red-birds, a male and a female were on the hood of my car, tapping on my window!

I know that Native American tradition holds the spiritual belief that spirits, or souls, inhabit the universe and each of its natural elements, and the belief that all birds and other animals, are messengers from the Great Spirit.  It didn’t take me long to understand it was my Mother and Father who were reaching out to act as a guide and protector to impart power and wisdom unto me.

That message was, “wake up, smile, go home to your family and just thrill in the harmony you have achieved in your life.”  So, I cranked up the car and raced home, feeling ecstatic at the wonder I had just experienced!  I felt like I was living both in the physical world as well as the spiritual world, and even though the encounter was brief, it was a clear indication, it was proof, that my spirit guides are real, and that my parents, both transitioned, are still with me.

This is a very busy time for me, with work, a travel business I’m building, and being a good wife, mother and grandmother.  We are preparing for our daughter and her family to come home for Thanksgiving – all the way from London, Ontario.  Our youngest son and his girlfriend have moved in with us temporarily and brought their precious 8 week old kitten.  She’s on my desk in front of me, asleep and purring as I type.  I’m over-the-moon when I look at the joyful faces of my oldest son and grandson and think of the possibilities they may obtain for their futures.  My children are my Heritage.  They are such a blessing, I just can’t imagine life without them.  They add so much color and flavor to my life, and because we are a blended family, I am also blessed with a beautiful extended family.  What makes me really proud is the fact that they all love one another with no familiar barriers.   No judgements, just love and understanding.  I also admire and respect how they all keep one another accountable, as a family should.

This is a really good time in my life, and I pulled out my homework for tonight and read up on it all before I sat down to write this blog, and the 6th and last step of the key thoughts and reminders for this week’s lesson is, “Notice Colors and Shapes around you.”

I celebrate the Red Birds and their Glorious Significance and my precious grandbaby yellow kitty, and my granddaughter’s golden brown hair.  Blue skies that go on for eternity that surround my sons and grandson on their trip to the Bahamas and Grand Turks this past spring, and in my granddaughters’ Jocelyn’s and Skylar’s eyes; green foliage that saunters with my grandson in his suave graduation picture, the contrast of blue and brown between my youngest son’s and his girlfriend’s eyes – which is due to their heritage, and the Brilliant blue in my oldest son and his girlfriend’s Magnificence.  I also celebrate the shape my family has taken as my husband and I have blended our families together and created our own family.  And what awe I find in taking a snappy under a tree and waking up to the “tap-tap” of the male and female redbirds.  Such a significance!


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