Week 5-9 Square Pegs and Round Holes

My younger brother was a sweet little guy. He was a beautiful baby, a curious toddler, and a delightful young man. When they put him into Little League football, Uncle Wendell had a really hard time getting Duane to charge! To tackle! To hit! It wasn’t in Duane’s demeanor to be aggressive and pushy! He was strong in his own sweet way. And that was who he was.

So, what did they do to my sweet little brother? They MANNED HIM UP! Said things to him to make him angry so he’d get mad enough to HIT!

Do I think that was a smart move?  Not really.  It’s like taking adownload square peg and trying to force it into a round hole!   Round pegs belong in round holes, and square pegs belong in square holes.
We all have to follow our hearts in every day encounters, and in life.  When we are forced to be someone we don’t want to be, or be someone we are not, we begin to feel the discord from our heart, our soul, our source.
Be true to yourself, at all cost.  If you are doing something that doesn’t make you happy,  STOP.  If you are forced into doing something that you don’t want to do, DON’T.  No one has that right to make you do anything you don’t want to do.  No matter how loud they scream and holler to get their way!
By the way, my brother turned out just fine.  He went through several years of anger issues, and it may have started that day on the West Lauderdale Tiger football field.  But Duane learned that his happiness is most important, let go of his anger, and is an amazing man, brother, father, husband, and grandfather.
Your only job in life is to be happy.  Happiness brings forth the abundance that was meant to be in your life, and when you learn to put yourself first, find yourself and find contentment and peace, you will begin to see that life is all good, and all you have to do is enjoy the ride!

4 thoughts on “Week 5-9 Square Pegs and Round Holes”

    1. How sad for your brother … I’m glad it all worked out for him. Isn’t it amazing what is done to children in the name of “what’s best” for them? Thank you for sharing this story.


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