Week 11 – We All Have A Purpose

I am in the process of raising funds for someone very dear to me.  She needs financial help to get the Wellness Care she needs.  Notice, I didn’t say Health Care, I said Wellness Care.  Big Difference.  Huge.  Here is the GoFundMe I am publishing this afternoon:

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Shortly after she was born (prematurely) in 1986, Sara began having breathing complications. After she was stabilized, she had a stroke and died.  Within 10 minutes she was resuscitated, but the brain damage had been done.  This story is one of one misdiagnosis after another, and of a person whose quality of life had been stolen from her, and her TENACIOUS fight to get her life back.

At age 18 months, her parents were told she had Cerebral Palsy and she would be mentally challenged. And was medicated for that.  Then, at age 3-4, she was misdiagnosed as someone with a below average IQ, and was medicated for that.  At 11-12 she was misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  (Imagine that!)  That misdiagnosis continued to plague her life up until 2015, when she was 29 years old.  As you can imagine, this young woman had been wrongfully medicated for most of her life, due to so many inaccurate diagnoses, and the damage has made her life, or the inability to live a normal life seem unreachable. Sadly, it left her with a plethora of health complications – physical, mental and emotional.

Her weight was out of control, she had to ride in a motorized wheelchair when taking longer than normal walks, and she missed the opportunity to learn to process emotions as any growing child and teenager does because her mind was numbed from all the meds.  She was missing out on living the life she was meant to live.

The fact that she was still a spiritual human being with a soul inside the vehicle that was her body and brain was far stronger than any drug the medical establishment could dope her up on.

In 2013, years after being highly medicated, Sara got off many of her medications, cold turkey. It was then she discovered that she was aware of things she never was aware of before.  The little drugged up world she lived in was much larger than she ever could’ve imagined.  Little did she know what would become the next chapter in her life.  At the age of 29, trying to learn to live in this world drug free as a self-sufficient human being, trying to figure out what her life purpose was, learning her emotions were radically changed now off meds and learning that she was slow to process other people’s emotions, Sara had to learn how to co-habitate in today’s society as a normal person, not a disabled one, Sara was in for the wake-up call of the century!  She was also subjected to family members who did not understand her desire to live life on her terms and who continued to treat her as a mentally disabled person, trying to convince her to stay on her meds and not trying to understand her wishes and desires.

She followed her gut, and with the help of her friend Michael who helped her get off the rest of those drugs, Sara began to pray for an alternative solution to medications.  She knew she still needed help, but didn’t know what or where that help would come from

In the Spring of 2015, Sara’s and my paths crossed.  I had no idea what her life was all about, but she seemed very interested in the natural health supplement I was promoting that day at the Disability Conference, and the program that we had which helped those who knew life was more than medications and living off government assistance.  Life had meaning, and we had a program that could help her find herself so she could find that meaning.

Sara has taken a HUGE leap of faith.  Her intuition, her desire to live a normal life, her love for other disabled people who are praying for the same normalcy she has been praying for, her strength, her tenacity against ALL odds leads us to where we are today.

The doctors she visits are paid for by Medicaid, but those doctors are not helping her achieve her goals in restoring her health.  They only want to prescribe medication, and she is done with mainstream healthcare.  Sara has enough youth left and enough courage to move mountains.  She knows she can make an ENORMOUS difference in society IF SHE GETS THE HELP, THE HELP SHE NEEDS.

Sara gets some governmental assistance.  Her mother helps her pay the rest of her bills, including her own apartment.  But Sara doesn’t want to rely on her mother or on the government.  She wants to be a contributing member to society.  She wants to be an advocate for others who are praying for normalcy but don’t know where to start.

Sara has about $5 left over at the end of the month.  Natural supplements are NOT covered by Medicaid (or any insurance), but they are the ONLY things, besides clean, organic food that is making a difference for her and helping her regain her health!  Helping her restore the damage that 29 years of toxic drugs has done to her.  Helping her restore the damage that 10 minutes of lack of oxygen to the brain at birth has done to her.  Organic foods and supplements designed to nourish the body and brain are not covered by insurance, and she cannot afford them.  She also cannot afford the treatment therapies she finds most helpful.  Sara especially cannot afford to continue living the life she’s lead the majority of her youth.

Sara is certain if she continued following the treatment plan she was on before, she would probably not survive another 10 years.  That would be such a waste of a human life who has been through so much to be where she is today.  There are treatments Sara needs that are not covered by her insurance, and there are supplements she needs to help her restore her health.  Food?  Her allotted food stamp allowance is barely enough to feed one person Ramen noodles!  And that isn’t the type of food she needs for health and healing.

We are asking you to help get Sara on her feet.  She needs at least $50 a month to buy the necessary supplements she has found to truly help her.  She also needs at least $100 a month to buy quality food, and she needs money for therapy.  If we can get her the finances she needs to sustain her for one year, we are certain her health will be strong enough to go out there and do what she was born to do!  And that is to advocate and go to Washington DC and make changes to the way mental health is treated today!

Sara doesn’t want to sue the medical establishment for all the wrong misdiagnoses.  She knows she can’t anyway.  The Statute of Limitations prevents her from doing so.  But she does want JUSTICE.

What better way to get justice for all the wrongs against her than to restore her health and share her story with people by living the example of Getting it Done!

Today, Sara takes an even bigger a leap of faith. Her leap of faith is in hopes for a better outcome to restore whatever health she can.

Until then, we remain strong in faith that everything will play out in her favor and she will be blessed financially in ways she may not expect.

I’m proud of you Sara Rosalyn Brown.  I’m proud to be on this journey with you, and am blessed to be the person you chose to help you reach your goals of health and abundance.  I know you will be blessed beyond measure, and one day, you’ll be up on stage telling your story.  There won’t be a dry eye in the house!

Please donate what you can.  Help this young woman change the way we look at mental health disorders. She only needs a little help to get her plane off the ground.


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