Week 12 – The Seven Laws of the Mind

Laws of the Mind     Seven Laws of the Mind

  1. When I think about how hard it was to quit smoking cigarettes, I revel in a deep sense of accomplishment knowing that I gave up a bad habit that had been with me since I was 12 years old. I substituted that bad habit with good habits such as exercise, better nutrition, acupuncture, and meditation.  Hence, the first law of the mind, Law of Substitution has been manifested in my life.
  2. And so the meditation brings me to the second Law, the Law of Relaxation. Here, I find the ability to create the peace in my heart to quiet my mind.  This is a huge Law for me, as I am able to access my Infinite Intelligence and Higher Power, and ground myself to Mother Earth.  Exceptionally grateful for this Law because this is the biggest factor I used in bringing my youngest, my third child into this world.  He was not supposed to live, according to the doctors as I went into labor at 5 months.  The baby was born 10 weeks later, severely premature, but my ability to meditate and focus and calm myself through all the negativity all around me was, I’m quite certain the key ingredient, along with faith, my medical team, all because of God, in bringing forth a viable human being who is now a healthy and vibrant and wonderful 28 year old.
  3. Practice makes Perfect – the third law of the Mind. I’ve always said, “Strive for Excellence.  Anything less is Unacceptable.”  To strive is to practice until you get it perfect, or as close to perfect as possible.  Most of our excellence is practice, the rest is work.  And with practice, we improve on the other six Laws of the Mind.
  4. The fourth law of the Mind, the Law of Forgiveness has been instilled in me since a very young age.  To forgive is the ability to access the Divine and connect the subconscious mind to our Omnipotent Creator.  In order to do this, we must be able to access our Infinite Intelligence and Higher Power, so the Law of Forgiveness is directly connected to the Law of Relaxation too.  You cannot have one without the other.  Also, we can specifically connect this Law to the 7th Law of the Mind, the Law of Growth.  Whatever we think about will grow.  And to think about Love, not Hate, to think about Forgiveness not Vengeance, and to think about Positive as opposed to Negative will bring forth into our lives the Harmony we so need and desire.
  5. The fifth Law, Law of Dual Thought gives us the ability to attach any feeling we desire to a certain thought. If I think about gratitude, I feel grateful.  If I think about Love, I feel peaceful and loving, and when I think about abundance and prosperity, I feel a happy anticipation of all good things to come
  6. The Law of Subconscious is our storehouse of infinite resources. We can program our subconscious to manifest what we desire and we can demand our subconscious to allow all good so long as it is good for everyone that it affects.
  7. The last Law, the Law of Growth was mentioned in step 4 above. And in all reality. The Law of Growth is actually spoken of in all 6 steps above.  Without Law of Growth, we would never change or prosper, and we would die an emotional death.  The Law of Growth must be kept alive until we take our last breath and transition back to our Spiritual selves.  And then, I’m certain, the Law of Growth only continues from there.  For whatever we think about grows, and when we think about all things good and practice that, we get all things good and wonderful.

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