Week 13 – What I Bring Forth Inside Me Is That Which Will Save Me – Law of Attraction


In the presence of my Spirit, I am strong and aware.  Thought is a spiritual activity.  Therefore, when my thought is carefully selected to remain positive, imaginative and creative, it will manifest the dream and the object pictured in my mind.  Likewise, if thought is not positive, imaginative or creative, the object of my attention becomes my own.

If a man thinks he can, he is right.  If a man thinks he can’t, he is right.

This is why it is so important to understand the Law of Attraction and to be mindful of that which we think about.  Since I am strong and aware, and my intuition and emotions tell me if I am thinking positive thoughts or if my thoughts are not in alignment with my spiritual energy, my contentment with life depends on me.  Totally on me, and nothing or no one else.  Happy thoughts cannot exist in an unhappy consciousness and that is why the consciousness must change.  When the mind thinks correctly, sensations and emotions are pleasant and harmonious.

All things are created in the Universe and in creating a mental image, we project a thought into the Universal Substance from which all things are created.  It is wise to recognize this Universal Substance is always present – Omnipresent, always powerful – Omnipotent, and Infinitely Wise – Omniscient.   This Universal Substance is already within us, we already have it, and the more we understand it, practice it and believe it, the deeper the confidence, power and inner strength becomes.   The more harmonious within we become, the more joy, love, strength, vitality and constructive force we possess.

Recognizing that a knowledge of creative and positive nature of thought puts us in touch with Infinite Power, and this Infinite Power is directly tied to Infinite Wisdom, we become aware that we are a channel to our own desires.  What I bring forth inside me is that which will save me.

There is only one consciousness in the universe.  This consciousness is Omnipresent, and therefore is present within every individual.  The majority of mankind does not live in the world within.  Few have found the world within and therefore do not realize that the Universal Mind is the life principle of every atom in existence and every atom is continually striving to manifest more life and that all are intelligent and are seeking to carry out the purpose for which they were created.  Those who do not live in the world within but live in the world outside of their mind, the world without are always looking to outside sources for their happiness.  The new level, the job promotion, the new house, the new shoes, the new car, the shopping spree, the drug that changes brain chemistry, the medication for depression…….these are all examples of finding happiness and contentment from the world outside, the world without.

I am part of the greater whole.  I am One with the Father – the Source. I am Source, and I am beautiful and grand and the opportunities available to me are transcendental.  I know that my happiness and contentment all come from the world within.

Increase in me that Wisdom which discovers my truest interest.  Strengthen my resolution to perform that which Wisdom dictates.   


2 thoughts on “Week 13 – What I Bring Forth Inside Me Is That Which Will Save Me – Law of Attraction”

  1. …and all of this to be applied up onto our smallest and most hidden thoughts and feelings, looking them all straight in the eyes, the key-ingredient for true transformation, one that deeply transforms within, and not ‘merely’ some layers without. A truly confronting yet most fascinating and thrilling process and way of being, Life.

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