Week 16 – Kindness All Around Me

My assignment this week was Kindness. To look for random acts of kindness and to perform the same.  This was a very easy assignment, as Kindness is all around me.

I have several groups that I contribute to that are along the lines of a Mastermind group.  One is a book club, and right now, we’re studying “Think and Grow Rich,” and all the wonderful philosophy and practical techniques for achieving financial goals and reaching our highest potential.  Another group is a training group and we train on specifics of the network marketing company we are all involved in, such as how to overcome objections, and how to develop a relationship with a Cold Market by turning them into a warm market, etc.  And the third group is a Mastermind group where we support each other regardless of our perceived limitations.  We are honest with one another, and when one of us falls down, someone in the group will come along and scoop up the pieces.

This morning, I was blown away by the kindness two in our Mastermind group gave to a third person who was expressing her perceived limitations and lack of time.  Never a harsh or judgmental word, but support and reinforcement, with love.  It is my hope that this Mastermind group we have going on will continue marching forward until we reach Calvary!

We SHALL reach the STARS, and beyond!  I ALWAYS keep my promises!


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