Week 21 – I Live This Day As If It Is My Last

Grateful and pulse

The scroll we’re reading for this month in our MasterKey Alliance Class hit home for me last night.  I was on my way home from a 2 day, 400 mile business trip when I escaped sure death by sheer seconds.

With only 20 miles and 20 minutes to go, I was sitting at a traffic light at a busy intersection when I heard tires screeching.  I scanned my environment, and when I looked in my rear view mirror, was horrified at the sight I saw coming towards me.   A cement and gravel truck, one of those HUGE ones was barreling down upon me.  The smell from the smoke from his tires engulfed me with terror.  Had I not been frozen in horror, I might have been able to rationalize that I needed to MOVE OUT OF HIS WAY!  But I didn’t have time to think.  He suddenly jerked his truck into the lane to our left, clipped another car that was coming to a stop, and jack knifed his cab.  When he finally came to a stop, he was clearly two feet forward, which means he would’ve forced me into the intersection where I would’ve probably been hit on both sides from traffic moving perpendicular, if my car or I even survived a direct hit.

Cement and gravel truck traveling at 40 mph versus a Toyota Corolla sitting still.  My back end would’ve been forced into my front seat, and if I had lived through that impact, I would’ve been maimed for life, I’m sure of it.  I can’t shake the sight of that pending destruction, and keep reliving the horror in my mind over and over.

Rear ended

What could I have done to prevent that?  Nothing.  I was not in control of that driver.  What could I have done to prevent him from clipping the other car?  Nothing.  I did visit that other driver to make sure he was OK, and yes, he was fine.  Shook up, but he was merely clipped.  I did not visit the truck driver who almost ended my life.  He looked to be like a mad man when he jumped out of his truck, and the look on his face was indescribable.  What was he doing moments before he realized he was about to annihilate me?  I didn’t want to find out.

What will I do now?  Thank God every day for the fact that that truck driver literally saved my life by not plowing into me.  I live this day as if it were my last.  How much those words resonate with me now.  I am still in some shock, and I know I have to shake this feeling off, whatever this feeling is.  All I feel like doing is sleep and wake up later, feeling better.  I don’t know how long that will take, but I plan to work in my yard today, ground myself, and meditate and pray on the incident.  And be more mindful of not only what is in front me, but what is behind me and to the sides of me as well.  As my father told me when I learned to drive 44 years ago, “It isn’t you I worry about, it’s everyone else.”

I live this day as if it were my last.  And since yesterday was NOT my last day, I fall to my knees and give thanks.  And since the root of joy is gratefulness, I promise that I will always be joyful.


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