Week 3 – The Career I Have Chosen

Failure is like pain, and is alien to my life.  I reject all of that and accept wisdom and principles that guide me away from shadows into the sunlight of wealth, position, and happiness far beyond my most extravagant dreams.  When my life is my career, and my career is my life, I can truly say I have found the best of all worlds.

Pleasure of my career is the satisfaction I feel every day in knowing I have done a job well, and the freedom I enjoy of knowing that no matter what life throws my way, I am willing and able to handle it joyfully, with finesse and grace.  I enjoy myself, I am happy, I help others when I can and desire to, and have the confidence necessary to stand up to others when necessary. I tithe 20% of every dollar I earn to charity, and the abundance I earned through my career allows me the freedom to purchase whatever is wanted or needed in our household without regard to price, and save for future needs, purchases, desired travel, and retirement.

My career is a learning journey filled with many delicious moments that give me opportunities to continue to grow.  And when those moments aren’t so delicious, I learn and grow from the contrast as well, for all of the moments are necessary.  One can’t appreciate the good without experiencing the bad, and one can’t grow from the good experiences until they have exposed the bad.  And many times, if not all times, the exposure is something from within.

I am honored and amused when those I’ve touched through my work send me pictures, videos and letters to acknowledge my service.  The phone calls I receive from a grateful parent, wife, sister, brother or friend of someone I’ve helped, or of a family whose life has changed for the better financially because of an idea I shared with them gives me tremendous gratification.   The most precious reward I receive is watching my children walk in my footsteps.  This feeds my soul with content fulfillment.  Usually, most of the time, all of the time, my dream eventually becomes reality.  That is a sincere “knowing.”

My career is also laden with heartbreak.  Not all hands that reach……can touch.  It can be frustrating and lonely at times.  Those are the times when I pull from the strength within.   I usually come to a great conclusion that makes me feel better, and I hope for the best.  I know there are some who aren’t ready, and those are the ones I can’t touch.  I know there are some I am not ready for too.

The career I have chosen includes many others who are in a comparable or parallel Master-Mindset.  It also includes those who are on the edge searching, who are wanting to be in the same or similar mindset.  Likewise, it also includes those who can pull me into a higher level.  I learn from everyone.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to help others get a higher point of vibration that helps them feel better, so they can naturally see or hear their own solutions to problems, dilemmas, or questions on their mind, and reach for their dream career and perfect or close-to-perfect life.  That makes me feel wonderful.

I am an Entrepreneur.  I am a dreamer, a doer, a mentor, a friend, a student, a wife, a mother, grandmother, nurse, health educator and a traveler, and that is my career.  I work in network marketing in health and wellness, and travel. To be healthy is to have wellness, and that is the greatest gift we give ourselves. And to travel the world and go wherever we want whenever we want is the ultimate pleasure of all.  My career is rewarding and financially abundant not only for me, but for others with the same mindset.  We leverage off one another.  It is the only job I know of where strangers become friends who become family, and the more we help one another, the more wealth we acquire.  The more wealth we acquire, the more people we can touch.  It’s a wonderful cycle, and my career is my beautiful, prosperous, joyful and abundant life.   It is the career I have chosen.


Week 2 – Subby, You Are OVERRULLED!

I am blessed with this 6 month scholarship

Make a change

I believe, is going to “change my world!”

We are told to take the exercises in this class seriously because the effect it will have on us is compounding and accumulative.  I do believe that!  We are told that Enthusiasm is a Requirement, and I believe that too!

We are also told that we may feel overwhelmed at all of the work because we have to clear room on our already overflowing plate to make room for the exercises, readings, and other homework.  Our lessons tell us that is our Sub-conscious mind tell us (because of old patterns of thought) that we are overwhelmed, and this is hard work.

We have to write what is on our hearts and send it to a perfect stranger who critiques us and tells us to give more, but keep the words at 400 or less.  A perfect stranger who tells us to be more colorful, use more emotion, make it only about ourselves, and otherwise, weave a perfect piece of Dharma that is quite actually, our Life’s Purpose.

And yes, I appreciate the scholarship and constructive advice, so I have a difficult time overrulling my subby telling me, “you got this Paula.  You’ve been writing your story for 50+ years.  Who does that mentor think she is?”

What?  What did someone say back in week 1 about being teachable and coachable?  Pfft!  My subby is reminding me that I have been teaching this (or trying to) for many years and thought I was pretty good at it.  There’s no one better than me!  What?  Humility?

Subby, you need to knock a few blocks off your hard working and ever so strong shoulders, and realize that there’s always room for improvement.  Always room to grow.  Always room to stretch and become a better YOU.  All you have to do is allow it.

Anyone can do this….anyone can quit…………………………………………….. I’m not a quitter.

I can do this! I’m going to finish strong!  And I ALWAYS keep my word!  Subby, take a back seat, because you have just BEEN OVERRULED! 

You will soon learn that you are a subby that is calm, that always gets it right, that runs at full speed on Enthusiasm and hopeful anticipation, that believes in the best of yourself and is truly excited about making a difference in this world AND making millions of dollars within the next 2-3 years.Financial independence with heart



Week 1 – A Meaningful Minute

This is the post excerpt.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  How are you spending your time?  Do you spend time worrying over things you have no control over, or remain angry at someone because they won’t do what you expect them to do?  Do you waste your time in a self-induced stupor with mind-numbing activities such as video games, television re-runs, drinking, eating too much, gossiping, or dabbling with mind-altering drugs?

We all get the same 60 seconds, the same 60 minutes, the same 24 hours, the same 7 days, 52 weeks, and 12 months.  But are you making your time Meaningful?  What does that even mean?  Do you believe you came into this world to go to school, work for 40 years and then retire before you die?

When you Live your Life on Purpose, when you have Purpose in your Life, you have within YOU, the power to create unlimited happiness, wealth and abundance.  It is YOUR choice.  It always has been, and always will be.  Make your minutes on this earth meaningful.  Find your passion, your reason for living, your Dharma!  Make it a Meaningful Minute! Go for the Sunshine!

Fork in the Road