Press Release

October 26, 2028

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We are here to document and celebrate all the hoopla and fanfare of the Grand Opening of the Freedom Community Center, where all people are welcome, regardless of ability to pay.  The founders Paula and Chuck Hilbert are taking in this moment in total awe!  They have worked many years and have sacrificed months and years of their own lives and their own money to make this moment a reality.

Mrs. Hilbert, what are you feeling right now?  Paula Hilbert, a woman in her early 70’s who could pass for a 45 year old looks at me with crystal blue eyes wide in amazement, “ You know, I now know what heaven feels like!  This is it right here.  Only thing we’re missing are the Pearly Gates!”

She turns to take her husband’s arm, and he adds, “My wife never gave up the dream of being able to assist anyone who needed help with their health or finances.  We have talked and dreamed of this moment for 30 years!”

Chuck shakes his head and continues, “I have been telling her for the past 10 years she’d better hurry up and make it happen, or I’d never live long enough to see it!”

Paula laughs, “It has been a process Babe, for sure! And I can’t thank you enough for never giving up on me, being the wind beneath my wings, and keeping faith in this with me.”

She goes on to explain, “It’s not all been me and Chuck, however.  Nothing like that.  Back in 2000 when I first founded my non-profit for ADD/ADHD kids, little did I know that would be the stepping stone for what we see here today. The people who I’ve met, who have crossed our paths and who have had the same vision and have come along on this journey with us are the ones to thank.  We would never have been able to make this a reality without all of our Master Minds. Good Christian people, folks who are in touch with their spirituality, who understand that Love, Understanding, Empathy and Teamwork is what really makes the world go round.  People who are not afraid to fight the status-quo.  People who are not sheeples, but leaders in their own right, who are always on the leading edge.  We are a group of people who know how to facilitate the advantages of mankind through relief, service and assistance.  For through this way of thinking, we bring about a world that can heal.”

How many of your Master Mind group are here today?  Paula scans the crowd of several hundred people on their 10 acre piece of land called the Freedom Community and smiles,

“Most of them!”

Where did they all come from?

“Everywhere!  We just started talking and sharing our views on life, and people of like-mind started appearing in our lives.  We began raising awareness of the dangers of vaccinations, of pharmaceuticals, of genetically modified foods, of steroids and hormones in our meats, of farm-raised fish, and of toxins on our crops, and gathered audiences from all around the world.  I even went back to school and got my Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, then my Master’s in Health Education.  Then in 2013, two months before I graduated with the Master’s, we took a detour and joined a travel club.  And that’s when our finances began to heal!  Yes, up until that point, all of the holistic and wellness that we were promoting was on our dollar.  Little did we know that sharing the concept of traveling for pennies on the dollar, which was, at that time, not in the same wave length of Health and Wellness would actually be the missing piece that brought our journey full circle!”

Paula smiles and adds, “And how fun it was to cruise with my entire family to Cozumel!  I took a picture of my oldest son at the bottom of the Caribbean Ocean holding a sign, “YOU SHOULD BE HERE!”  Since then, we’ve been on dozens of trips and have seen many bucket list items.  Yes, and hundreds of folks decided that was a great idea too!  So, we spent 5 years sharing the travel club and building a massive business with it.  It took us 3 years to hit the first rank, but after that happened, we ranked really fast, and hit the highest rank in the travel club, International Marketing Director in March 2020.  And to rank, you have to bring a lot of people along with you.  We now have over 5,000 people in our travel business, and guess what?  The majority of those people love to be healthy!

I found myself being pulled back to Health and Wellness just by listening to others, and helping them find their health.  Word spread, and all of a sudden, I was seeing massive movement towards Wellness.  It makes me high with glee to see and hear all the success stories.  And moving over to the travel club and bringing in a whole new set, a whole different category of people has proved to be massively successful to my Purpose.  To Chuck’s and my Purpose.  The travel club became the financial vehicle to turn our dreams into reality!”

The interviewer looks and takes in the scenery one more time.  “Why do you think the combination of Health and Wellness and Travel together brought you to this point?”

“That’s simple,” Chuck replied.  “Look at my wife’s face, listen to her enthusiasm, and realize not only does she feel good because she has taken the path that makes her happy, but she has helped thousands of people find that same success!  This Community Center is being run by a large majority of our group.  We all work together like a well-tuned engine, and everyone is enjoying good health and wellness as well as financial abundance!  We are ALL extremely excited about helping those who come to our community.  We are paying it forward to all who cross our path and have the desire to work for what we have.  I don’t necessarily mean physical work of which there is some, but mental work and spiritual work, and the like.  It is not the easiest thing to make a perfect life for yourself, but with dedication, perseverance, desire, and the right people helping you along, it is very possible.  That is what this Community Center is all about!”

Paula glowed as Chuck displayed his perception of their little piece of heaven, and she added, “You must be healthy to travel and enjoy it.  Without health, you have nothing.  And when you’re healthy and you can go wherever you want whenever you want and see different parts of this amazing world, there is an extreme fascination with that.  You can go where you want, when you want, and nothing, not finances or illness will deter you.  And like us, we have included our entire family in our business.  All of our children, grandchildren, exes and their families, and friends are all involved and working with us.  Our paradigm of happiness is a beautiful world, healthy mind, body and soul, and the resources and health to do whatever the heck we want.  And teach that to others!  Our purpose of fun, freedom and fulfillment is non-barred. And I truly believe this is why the combination of Health and Wellness and Travel go so well together!”

Well, this is truly remarkable!  I now see why you describe this as Heaven on Earth!  What exactly do you do here at Freedom Community Center?

Smiles abound, as Chuck begins to describe. “We teach children and their families how to grow their own organic gardens.  We have 4 acres on the East side dedicated to that.  The reason I say, “children and their families” is because we feel when we reach the child and they bring it home to their parents and the parents are invited, at no charge, to spend time with their kids and get free organic food in the process, that it is a win-win.  We are also promoting family time together.  We are not giving out hand-outs, we are teaching them how to sustain themselves.  This can eliminate hunger.  And because of our Business Model of Network Marketing, we are able to do all of this free-of-charge”

“Then,” Paula adds, “we teach parents about whole foods, non gmo’s, and more important information about nutrition.  Knowledge about our food sources is key to good health.  And then, there’s physical activity.  Everyone who comes to our community helps to maintain the grounds and gardens, getting in at least 8 hours of physical labor every week.  We don’t pay out a penny for work that needs to be done in our community.  There’s always someone to help with plumbing, carpentry, landscaping, electrical, etc.  Back to the physical activity, we also have a bike path, basketball courts, a swimming pool, a gymnasium where basketball can be played and gymnastics, ballet, and dancing are taught. We have exercise classes, spin classes, and yoga and pilates classes. Every teacher is a part of our team.  No one receives a salary, everyone is earning money through the same Network Marketing Business Model for Health and Wellness and Travel.  Everyone who works here is a part of our team, and everyone who comes here becomes a part of our team.  They in turn, will promise to work for us at least one year before they move on.  That is how they pay us back.  For those interested, also become part of the travel club.  We teach marketing classes and build teams of network marketing teams to bring the financial abundance that is here for everyone.”

“It’s a perfect plan,” Chuck added.

“Yes,” Paula agreed.  “It’s a perfect plan for a perfect world, and it took us a very long time to get here.  We don’t want this wisdom to be wasted, and want to share it with others much younger so they can learn it much quicker, and enjoy the biggest majority of their lives.  We feel we are part of a movement, a paradigm shift to make this world a wonderful place for all. A place where wellness, prosperity and abundance is lived and taught.”

At that time, Paula and Chuck excused themselves.  Their horse-drawn carriage had arrived to carry them to their hot air balloon ride!  Oh, such is life!