Prepare Your Trampoline



When you prepare your trampoline, you are getting yourself ready for ups and downs of life.  There’s going to be plenty of those – UPS and DOWNS.

There’s going to be great things that happen, there’s going to be terrible things that happen.  But, if your trampoline is prepared…………

Today as I sit down to write this, I am SUPER excited about watching Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s festivities for tomorrow – their wedding day!

Harry and Meghan

I’ve been in love with this family ever since Princess Diana came into the picture back in 1981.  Oh what a fairy tale!  Oh, but wait, her life ended tragically in 1997.  Where was her trampoline?

Today as I sit down to write this, I am SUPER disturbed at the mass shooting in Santa Fe Texas high school this morning, where 10 people, so far, have died.

STOP the shootings

I have tried for dozens of years to start a non-pharmaceutical Health Education Campaign to reduce mental illness and increase mental wellness.  To what avail?

Here’s where my trampoline comes into play.  Thinking about Harry and Meghan, I’m high in the air; thinking about the shooting, I’m deep in the crevice of that trampoline.  Tomorrow, there will be more of the same thing.

I will be concerned about my children, my husband, my health, the community, my friends, our finances, the animals, the world………..So, what am I going to do?  I’m also going to be excited about my new job, that happy anticipation of good things to come, that kiss I’ll get from my husband, that phone call I’ll get from my best friend I’m going to prepare my trampoline.

Well-being is the basis of how I love.  Didn’t you know that?  There doesn’t have to be a downside!  For if it wasn’t for the crevice in the trampoline, how would we be able to jump up to the heights of our dreams?

It’s all about Perception; it’s all about Gratitude; it’s all about Love.  So, I would suggest the next time you start to grumble after listening to the news, say your peace, and get on that trampoline.  It may take a while, but you’ll rise to the top again.  If anything, the reason for the downside is so we can appreciate the upside.

God Bless to the victims of today’s Santa Fe shootings, and all the victims of all those crazy shootings that have been happening lately.  In my opinion, I think we get it now.  Whatever we’re supposed to get from these horrible events, I pray we have got it!

I am very happy that today, I was hired by RTI International, a non-profit corporation that takes their research and uses it for cancer, pollution, drug abuse, and education.  I don’t dare say anything, but I have a happy anticipation that my work over the past 20 years with drug abuse, my volunteer work with the non-profit I started in 2003 for ADD/ADHD, and the suffering I’ve seen all around me – including my own family – may, just might be the UP PART OF THIS TRAMPOLINE!